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English Artworks has had more experience than most in breaking the bad news, that not only have they paid up to ten times the market value. They also have an insurance valuation that has been made up to carry on the retail jewellery’s charade that this item might be worth a small fortune. Obviously, the insurance companies have a vested interest in inflating the value of your jewellery as they can charge you more to insure it!! As you can see this is how the merry go round continues, which to me is very sad because if given the correct advice when buying, coupled with the correct market price and not massively marked up. Retailed priced jewellery can be one of the best ways of holding money with a view to making excellent annual return. Having an asset that can be moved easily (portable wealth) and liquidated anywhere in the world instantly.

We have been buying and selling Jewellery for many years. We would like to share the way I work and to open my advice and services up to a wider audience. We will explain a few tricks of the trade when retail jewellers sell you items. Firstly, when you walk down any jewellery districted in the world you can now notice after reading this the most obvious push by the retailers when selling diamonds. 90% of all the diamonds in the windows over 1 cts in size are fancy cut diamonds. This means any diamond that is not round brilliant in shape, so heart shape, pear shape, radiant cut, princess cut, etc. Most people do not realise that when buying diamonds, they should only be buying Modern round brilliant cut stones. These are worth far more than the fancy cut diamonds and the Jewellers know this. They keep all their round brilliants and sell you, the unsuspecting public every fancy shape they can get their hands on!!! Now when it comes to the cleverest holders of wealth, we can tell you that be it the dealer or collector they hold a large percentage of their wealth in jewellery but not as much in diamonds as you might think.

There are 3 areas that outperform everything else in the jewellery world when it comes to rising in value each year and this the public would probably never be offered.

We tend to specialise in these 3 fields when selling to private clients. We only have offices and try to keep business expenses to a minimum, allowing me to give the very best prices to my client. This is to guarantee that customers could never get cheaper ANYWHERE!!! The three fields happen to be my favourite objects that a woman could ever wear to enhance her natural beauty!!!

1. Natural pearls; are now one of the very best performers when it comes to annual appreciation, not to mention one of the most beautiful naturally occurring gemstones in the world. These wondrous gems usually come in the form of pearl necklaces or earrings and are becoming so sought after that we would probably advise natural pearls as the best buy you could ever consider. The Natural pearl must be accompanied by a respected laboratory report that will state the pearls have been x-rayed and are found to be natural. A cultured pearl always has a seed in the middle of the pearl, which will have been inserted into the oyster. To make the pearl grow a cultured pearl is a completely different gem to a natural pearl and should never be compared. Out of every untouched oyster that is opened, only one in ten thousand will hold a natural pearl and only a few are found to be of gem quality enough to be used in Jewellery. we hope this gives you an idea on how rare these gems are especially when acknowledging that the worlds production of natural pearls has nearly all dried up. The matching of a string of natural pearls is an art form all its own, matching size, nacre and age of pearls all to make a perfect string is indeed a great challenge. When comparing natural pearls to diamonds it is easy to see how there is no comparison as diamonds are pulled out of the earth by the ton load each year and new finds occur on an almost daily basis, so the argument that diamonds are very rare is hard to sustain. The world’s cleverest money is now filtering into natural pearls. There is no reason for you not to buy with the right money and buy something genuinely very rare.

2. Sapphires and Ruby's. These two beautiful gemstones are becoming so sought after by the world’s cleverest money that we are asked regularly by private clients to source these two gems for their collections. Again, with these gems, laboratory certificates are essential to show two points that are of vital importance. The first is where the stone comes from, this is very important as the three main areas are.

A. Kashmir sapphires were only mined between 1880-1887 when supplies completely exhausted. Kashmir, which is the holy grail of sapphires and no longer produces any sapphires, these stones are highly prized and rocket in value each year, they are extremely rare. The blue is mesmerising in its beauty. Kashmir Sapphires are another example of buying the very best and seeing the value grow.

B. The next area is Burma, although predominantly famous for its Ruby's, Burma produced sapphires of outstanding beauty which it supplies have sadly all but dried up. Making these stones highly desirable and highly valuable. Trade in gemstones is illegal in Burma.

C. Is Ceylon or Sri Lanka, this area still produces natural Sapphires though not in great numbers. These gems are highly prized when excellent colour and clarity are found. The second point on a sapphire certificate is whether the stone has been treated by heat, to artificially enhance its colour and clarity and whether the stone has none or minor heat treatment or more significant heat treatment, this applies to sapphires and rubies and greatly reduces value when found.

The same applies to rubies but the origin is almost always required to be from Burma. Burma no longer produces Rubies. It has produced the most fabulous red rubies and these stones are rising in value year on year. They are extremely rare when the right colour and clarity are present. There is no reason why you could not buy these types of gemstones at the right money with the correct advice

The third area that receives its equal attention by the worlds shrewdest dealers and collectors are historic signed pieces from the jewellery houses of Cartier, Van cleef and Arpels, Bocheron, Tiffany’s etc.

Again, if you ask a Jeweller to sell you an Art Deco Diamond and Ruby Cartier bracelet, he will almost certainly try to talk you out of it. This would be because it would be difficult if not impossible for him to find you one. He would rather you spend the money on a piece he could earn a small fortune out of, with you ending up with a piece that is worth 20% of what you paid with NO chance of the piece ever rising in value in the future. These pieces from the biggest jewellery houses made many years ago tend to rise and rise in value making them the perfect choice for holding money in and should be on your short list when buying Jewellery.

All three of these categories are the main items we would advise people to buy, except for the highest quality diamonds and some natural-coloured diamonds. These three sections are the secrets of the chosen few in the world of making money out of Jewellery. we enjoy revealing the secrets that will enable them to join the elite when it comes to buying cleverly, with the correct advice, we look forward to helping you soon. If like many of our clients, you are simply looking for the best advice. Please contact English Artworks buy telephone or emailing the office in confidence.

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